What happens when you fuse...

Ancient Maya Artwork

Pre-Columbian manuscripts created by indigenous Maya scribes and priests.

Modern Astronomy

Over 36 modern constellations from the Northern Hemisphere and over 400 individual stars.


An interpretation that combines ancient Maya artwork and modern astronomy...

Maya Astronomy

When ancient Maya artwork, modern astronomy and creativity are fused together, the result is Maya Astronomy.

This work takes ancient Maya artwork and interprets the main characters as modern constellations.

The artist has been invited to present and exhibit this work by several universities and cultural centers in both the US and Mexico.

01 December 2016_Maya_Comp

Book an Exhibit

Submit a request to display the Maya Astronomy exhibit at your institution. The exhibit includes:

  • 13 framed maps of modern astronomy & Maya artwork
  • The original Maya vase artwork sources mounted on foam board [courtesy of Steve Kerr's www.mayavase.com.]
  • A museum quality replica of the pre-Columbian Codex Tro-Cortesianus [Madrid Codex]